Are our children future ready ?

Are we preparing them for the careers of the future ?

Are we empowering them with the success skills of the future ?

The Concept

The many distractions that children face today result in
Reduced ability to focus
Reduced attention span
Lack of concentration
Inadequate problem solving capabilities

The CognAT program for grades 3 to 8 from Singapore MathGym is aimed at addressing these issues and gives every student a cutting edge to succeed not just in academics but far beyond...

What Kids Learn Today Will Shape Our World Tomorrow

Cognitive Skills like Logical Thinking, Analytical Thinking, Critical Thinking, Mathematical Reasoning, Memory, Focus & Attention etc…are the core Higher Order Thinking Skills or (HoTS) that serve as building blocks for creating a generation of decision makers, problem solvers, critical thinkers, innovators and creators.

The CognAT Program

The CognAT Program is delivered through two broad channels:

Focused on
Thinking & Cognitive Skills Development

Puzzle and Game
based approach

Assessing and
enhancing 11 key skills

Nurtures and Enhances ‘Higher Order Thinking Skills’

anywhere / anytime - Online platform

Analytical Thinking

Data Analysis

Lateral Thinking

Logical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Decision Making

Visual Reasoning

Mathematical Reasoning




Higher Order Thinking Skills aligned to



The core point of education is to encourage
students to think and use their
rationality to become better problem sovers.

Every parent has a dream.
The dream to see their children succeeding and happy, in all spheres of their lives.
However, the greatest impediment that looms large over them is knowing and understanding precisely as to what foundation is needed to
empower their children with cutting edge capabilities that the mid 21st century is all set to demand, as a necessity to succeed.