Critical Thinking for Kids - Online Program
What kids will learn

Why Critical Thinking for Kids?

The future of work isn’t about marks/degrees, but about skills. School goers of this decade are going to face jobs that don’t even exist yet. The 21st Century students need non-traditional methods of learning. To develop individuals with an open mind and the will to keep learning is the requirement. The CT4KIDS Online Program from Singapore MathGym is the World's Finest Enrichment Program in Cognitive and Higher Order Thinking Skills for children.

The program nurtures Cognitive Abilities, Thinking Skills, Mathematical Reasoning and lays a strong foundation for success in Academics, Olympiads & Competitive Exams worldwide.

A Program for the 21st Century Learners

Learning the Play Way and playing to win, results in better engagement, greater joy in learning, better results and fewer drop-outs. The confidence level of the child peaks and empowers him/her to be prepared to face any competitive examination.

The curriculum is based on assessing the Thinking Skills for students in Grades 3 to 8


Our methodology involves "Self-Directed Discovery Learning", coupled with online video-puzzle based sessions. Singapore MathGym’s approach is typically characterized by learning through discovery, exploration and solving problems. The learning sessions are classified as Learning Units and Online Drills.

Session Plan



$39.99 (USD)
$18.99 (USD)


Rs. 2999/-
Rs. 1499/-

Program Validity - 90 days from the date of Activation.


Every parent has a dream.
The dream to see their children succeeding and happy, in all spheres of their lives.
However, the greatest impediment that looms large over them is knowing and understanding precisely as to what foundation is needed to
empower their children with cutting edge capabilities that the mid 21st century is all set to demand, as a necessity to succeed.