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Program for Kids (Ages 7 -14)

The Future

11 Key Skills

Analytical Thinking

Data Analysis

Lateral Thinking

Logical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Mathematical Reasoning

Visual Reasoning

Problem Solving


Decision Making

Focus & Attention

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The future of work isn’t about marks/degrees, but about skills. School goers of this decade are going to face jobs that don’t even exist yet. The 21st Century students need non-traditional methods of learning. To develop individuals with an open mind and the will to keep learning is the requirement.

Singapore MathGym was founded with one single mission – to address the above gap by nurturing & enhancing Cognitive & Thinking Skills in children.

Why Singapore MathGym

Here’s probably the TOP 5 REASONS that set Singapore MathGym apart

Enrichment program that goes beyond the curriculum

Flintelligence is an enrichment program designed to go beyond the curriculum and help build critical skills for the all-round development of young minds. It strengthens Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) to lay a strong foundation for success in academics, competitive exams and the real-world.

Only global program for children covering 7 out of 10 SUCCESS SKILLS identified by World Economic Forum

The program takes a scientific yet play-way approach to holistically enhance 11 critical 21st century skills that are typically not covered in the mainstream curriculum yet play a crucial role in shaping the way children think and learn.

Best practices from around the globe

As the name suggests, the program incorporates Singapore’s world-renowned math methodologies, but also interesting concepts from across the globe – be it the Sakamoto method from Japan, Vedic concepts from India or new-age logical problem sets from the western world.

Self-Directed Discovery Learning the Play Way

The Singapore Math Gym approach is typically characterized by learning through discovery, exploration and solving problems. Learning the Play Way and playing to win results in higher engagement, greater joy in learning, better results and fewer dropouts. The confidence levels of children peak as they develop their own unique thinking styles that reflect in not just better academic performance but overall cognitive capabilities. We regularly see our students worldwide becoming more open to Olympiads and other competitive exams.

Impact of Habit Formation

Abundant research and science have proven that children build a strong foundation of different skills at different stages of development. These are learned by building brain connections called neural pathways. The more these neural pathways are used, the stronger they get. What we essentially do is ensure that your child has a regular dose of fun challenges with expert mentoring to build the habit of thinking critically!


  • Engaged Learning Process
  • Learning happens by thinking
  • Nurtures abilities to solve problems
  • Progressive learning with ongoing Feedback
  • Opportunities to learn through challenges


  • Better Logical Thinking & Reasoning
  • Quick Information Processing
  • Increased Attention Span
  • Stronger Decision Making & Planning Skills
  • Fosters Improved Understanding of Curriculum
  • Great Foundation for competitive Exams & Olympiads


“ I learned a ton of new things and I have seen a huge improvement in my mathematics and logical reasoning skills. In my pre-assessment I got 10 wrong answers that were a bit hard but in my post assessment I got only 1 wrong. This shows that I learned a lot. ”

Anushkaa G Oza Grade 7

“ I really enjoyed this program of MathGym. The videos in the concept builders are very informative and the drills help you to revise the topics well.I really liked this program!!”

Natasha Ambooken Grade 8

“Had an amazing experience and I have enjoyed and learnt many new things. This also makes learning fun and interesting, and I'm sure, each and every person who joins this program will just love it.”

G.Parnika Grade 8

“I loved to watch the videos and do the quizzes and Iactually hated maths, because of this sessions I have slowly started loving maths now…”

Rhea Salvi Grade 5

“My son Kanishk Baga - Grade 5, was very happy solving the tests and his final test score showed good results as compared to his first test result. It’s a great programme for 9-10 years old kids. Thank you.”

Gautami Parent

“My daughter Sanvi Mishra, Grade 6 enjoyed the program and wants to continue such sessions, looking forward to joining another program with MathGym.”

Mishra Parent

““This program Flintelligence has increased Manav’s interest in learning” ”

Mother of Manav Grade 6

“Unique method of visual learning has kept my child interested and engaged”

Father of Akshita Grade 5

“She is performing well and is more confident with her studies after joining Singapore MathGym”

Mother of Fathima Grade 7

“Best use of technology, self-learning is one of the most important skills required & Singapore MathGym inculcates it beautifully”

Mother of Vinisha Grade 4

“High value for money, the program has enhanced my child’s skills and as a parent I am glad to see him solving games & puzzles through self learning, It is absolutely brilliant”

Mother of Urvee Grade 3

“ The Singapore Math Gym program is very engaging and helped my son to be more confident in his math and thinking skills, he loved it very much and the visually animated lessons are very easy to follow and were very enthusiastic to complete each session. Thank you MathGym and looking forward to enrolling my son in the next levels.”

Barry Grade 4

“It is an excellent program and is a crucial requirement for the upcoming generation to navigate through the challenges while discovering their own learning journey”

Alan Grade 3

“ I am glad I enrolled my child for this program, The program has peeked my daughters interest not only in maths but on the overall helping her engage in her learning while building speed and confidence”

Nicole Grade 7

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